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Ken, a participant with Purple Heart Anlgers, with a nice 7 pound Rainbow
2016 Purple Heart Anglers event at Stampede
Ken with a nice stringer of Folsom Lake Rainbows
Ben Deach from Kolo 8 news interviewing Purple Heart Anglers President Randy Houston
Purple Heart Anglers Stampede Truckee CA 2016
Kokanee Boca Stampede
Kokanee Stampede
Kokanee Truckee Pro-Cure and Shasta Tackle
Stampede Boca Truckee Kokanee Guide
Donner fishing guide kokanee and mackinaw
Donner Lake fishing guide kokanee and Mackinaw
Donner Lake Guide Service
Donner Lake fishing guide Mackinaw
Donner Lake fishing guide
Snow Donner Lake fishing guide
truckee fishing guide
stampede fishing guide
Donner Lake fishing Guide
Truckee Fishing Guide
Truckee Fishing
Donner Lake fishing charters
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