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Fishing Report


Local Fishing Report for the Truckee area


Donner- Donner is a bit cold yet for Kokanee, however it is prime time for trophy catch and release Browns and Lake Trout.  This timing should last for a few more weeks and then the kokanee(if any size at all) will begin to start for the season.

Boca-Boca is still very low but expected to fill here very soon.  Fish so far have been small .  Once the lake fills more, I am hoping to go searching for some larger fish

Stampede- Stampede is fishing very well and off to a great start to the season.  Limits are the norm right now with fish up to 13”.  They are hard fighting and absolutely great table fare.  I would say these fish are probably the best eating in the state.  Dates for trips are starting to fill very fast with limited days still available.  Call early to get on the books.


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