Fishing Report


Local Fishing Report for the Truckee area


Donner- This year has been a tough bite for both Trophy and eater Mack’s.  I have a few more trips planned before we switch gears to kokanee.  Tough season though so far. Don’t forget that Donner is a lake where you must be inspected for AIS, so please research that to prevent a sizeable citation.


Boca- Boca has more water in than I have seen in a few seasons.  Unfortunately this year the Kokanee are tiny.  You are looking at a 12” fish as being one of the larger available.  I have heard rumors of larger fish but it’s very much a rumor at this point.

Stampede- Stampede is higher than last year with water and more runoff is expected, especially with this last storm.  I have heard of a couple larger fish coming from Stampede but being that it is still cold, not many kokes are being caught to determine the average size of fish this year.  I will bet that this will be the lake to be at this year.  At this point, dates are filling up fast.  Contact Marc to discuss availability.