Fishing Report


Local Fishing Report for the Truckee area


Donner- The summer season at Donner Lake is in full swing now.  The kokanee have been small once again this year. You can expect a lot of boat traffic starting mid-morning.  The mackinaw are active and can be caught throughout the lake. Pay close attention to your fish finder. Don’t forget that Donner is a lake where you must be inspected for AIS, so please research that to prevent a sizeable citation.


Boca- Boca is very low.  The have started the dam restoration project.  Larger boats may have issues with launching due to the lake being as low as it is.  Kokanee have been sparse but they are around.  Rainbows are available trolling lures such as Criplures and Humdingers

Stampede- Stampede has been fishing excellent.  Tons of action to be had right now.  There are larger fish around 16” available, but it will require you to weed through a ton of small fish that are 12” or less.  The larger fish are skittish, so my recommendation is that if you find the larger fish, not to grind the school too hard.






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